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The Bullet Catch

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Instagram Youtube Vimeo The Great Magic Hall presentsThe Bullet Catch The earliest documentation of the Bullet Catch appeared in 1586 and throughout the 18th century, variations of the Bullet Catch were developed by many...

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Hot News

New sessions weekly, new complete classes in a kit are coming out monthly and new courses are launched every quarter. The course coming next to Theatre Magic is The Card Conjurer. A 13 week course for anyone who wants to develop card magic. If you are slightly...

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Magic is exotic. Sometimes magic is of foreign origin or alien in character; not native. Magic can be introduced from abroad like “Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, “The Mysterious Sands of King Tut’s Tomb”. Magic can be strikingly unusual or strange in...

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Without deep reflection, one knows from daily life, that one exists for other people. Albert Einstein Magic is all about other people. The magician is the one that brings, gives, shares and demonstrates what is possible. As I reflect on the purpose of the magician, my...

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We define incomprehensible as “impossible to comprehend or understand,” and this expanded version of the word seems like a pretty practical word to use when it comes to Theatre Magic. The moment someone watches a magic effect and the impossible takes place right...

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Back To Basics

Back to basics for great card magic is not a grueling task. Back to basics is a time for improvements, understanding and major growth. You could get your greatest learning going back to learn the basics. Anytime you re-visit the basics you would be coming...

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Discover Magic

What have you recently discovered? Please put it in the comments.  I would love to hear what you have recently discovered. I’m curious.  Discovery is like magic. Magic is a discovery. It’s so cool, so much fun, even learning simple, clever methods. There...

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What have you recently celebrated? Very interested to hear from you.  Comment below.  There is so much to celebrate. I love a celebratory atmosphere. A Wedding, a birthday…The Super Bowl! People getting together for the purpose of celebrating can be some...

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Smoke and Mirrors

This manner of speech refers to the performances of stage conjurers who used actual smoke and mirrors to mesmerize their audiences.  Magicians still use these techniques but have widened the category to more than just actual smoke and mirrors to mask what...

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“There’s no crying in baseball !!!” An iconic quote from actor Tom Hanks playing the part of Jimmy Dugan in the movie “In A League Of Their Own”. So many Iconic quotes from film, politics and historical people. Magic has many Icons. Hoffsinzer Houdin...

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Magic Shop Memories

Magic Shop Memories Memories of wandering through a magic shop stocked with variety. There are still brick and mortar magic shops with some of the old school features that allows you to browse through the displays, collections and selections of the trade...

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Magical Treasures

What is your latest find? There are so many wonderful effects that will amaze generation after generation because of simplicity, storyline and structure. I remember when I opened my first shop in St Augustine, Florida almost 20 years ago and had an Adams...

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08/20/2018 Special

The Monday Night Magic Special 08/20/2018 (landing page special changes weekly) Number one I've got a great giveaway, number two I got a selection of specials, number three we're going to get into some details that make a...

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Who is Claude Conlin?

Claude A. Conlin

(June 30 1880 – August 5, 1954)

Know as Alexander “ The Man Who Knows”

A popular and highly paid mentalist.

A vaudeville magician who specialized in mentalism and psychic reading acts, dressed in Oriental style robes and a feathered turban, and often used a crystal ball as a prop.

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Three Card Monte

  THREE CARD MONTE / COLOR MONTE Con Games & Conjuring – Don't Bet on It! I love the Monte! It is seemingly an honest game of chance but is, in fact, a con game where those who unwittingly are suckered into placing a bet have almost no chance at winning. The...

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