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It’s All About The Tarbell Treasure

The Tarbell Treasure

Here are the first set of books I purchased on magic.

I was probably 14 years old when I purchased Volume One.

My face was buried in that book for weeks until I saved enough money from cutting lawns to purchase the second volume and every volume after that.

I still enjoy relaxing with a cup of coffee paging through Tarbell looking for treasure.

This is why I called this new program we are producing called The Tarbell Treasure.

The first series has one more episode before we begin the next series.

The present series is on coin magic. There are 5 episodes in this first coin magic series.

I teach some really great material and very pleased with this first series of the program.

The replays are inside the VIP magic video library suite.
The VIP program comes with The Secrets of Conjuring volume one.

If you would like to learn magic, there is nothing compared to this value that I’ve seen.

Its money back backed complete satisfaction.
Ask anyone that has it.
They will tell you truth.

This program will set you free.
Free from the frustration of learning magic.

I have my signature method of instruction that will catapult you progress.

Im there every step of the way, at every live lesson and session making sure you understand exactly what when how and why.

Don’t miss the next episode of The Tarbell Treasure.

Sign up for Inside Theatre Magic and receive the invite to the final episode of the series.

Hope to see you there.

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