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Practicing Magic

practicing is time with a purpose

Practicing Magic

Practicing magic is one of the best parts of the whole performance of magic process. 

The magical experience with “wonder” as the purpose. 

Practicing magic is developing the manner of actions that consists of a series of moves. 

A series of sleights, a series of nuances, that take practice and focus to thread everything together seamlessly, in a series of natural, relaxed and purpose filled actions. 

Each detail having a purpose and an understanding of why, when and how.  

A true magician practices with a purpose.  

Practice has a purpose and the purpose is not to perfect, but to learn and improve.

Preparing everything for the frame, that draws watchful eyes and minds into a structure that produces wonder.

Learning how to practice for the frame is the main key fundamental.

The audience is what is motivating everything you include into the frame.

Performing for an audience takes much practice. 

You will need to perform for various audiences to understand framing for the audience, because of your vital understanding that will come by experiential repetition.

When you perform regularly, you will learn what you need to do when you go back to practicing, because the audience is going to teach you well if you are a good listener.

The performer must be flexible and willing to change in order to truly develop. 

Each performance, even in practicing, can teach us volumes.

In my online lessons, I teach how to practice for the frame. How to structure the presentation for the purpose. How to apply the fundamentals for the audience experience and how to main and sustain a high level of wonder.

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