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Magic Monthly February

magic monthly

A practice session for you to enjoy practicing every day in February. You’ll get this down and develop some great skills at the same time

. Buy a new deck of cards, break them in and start practicing the entire session and develop your skills slowly with each session.

  • Don’t ever get frustrated again.
  • Simply learn the details of each position.
  • Learn to understand fully before moving on to the next
  • Begin putting the steps together slowly until you have them all
  • Carry a deck and close up pad with you to practice everywhere
  • Find a quiet place with no distractions for 15-20
  • The turtle always wins the race. Take your time
  • Reach out if you need any help
  • Let me know how you did _ Attillio@TheatreMagic.com
  • Enjoy the peace & relaxation

If you don’t know how, text me and I’ll send you a video that shows you how to break every deck you open perfectly.

You can text me at this number 407-214-5178

I appreciate your interest in magic and would love to share my magic with you.

Many wonders✨


Theatre Magic

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