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Orlando Florida Magic Show Live

It’s going to be another great week with performing shows.

This is the exit door.
The last thing you see before you leave.

The Magic Room next to the bookcase.
A secret cove carved out for focus and work.
I’m there now, as I tap these words into my notes.
I’ve got the first show starting in 20 minutes and then another at 3:00 pm.

Then 5:00, 7:00 & 9:00pm. 5 shows daily when one magician,

10 shows a day when there are 2 magicians.

When there are 2 magicians, they each perform their own 30-minute show.

Each magician has a strong set of effects different than the other so there are no two shows alike.

Come back again and again.

Show Times Daily

Orlando Florida Magic Show Live

Every day we have showtimes. Different magicians throughout the week.

They all have their own specialty and are professional magicians who perform on TV, Penn & Teller, America’s Got Talent, Las Vegas showrooms, the exclusive private club, The Magic Castle in Hollywood California, and for countless corporate functions.

The magicians who perform at The Great Magic Hall have a super solid act with powerful moments of magic, fun, and absolute astonishing effects.

Get advance tickets, give us a call, we are here every day.


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