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How To Perform Card Magic_Squaring The Deck

Learn How To Perform Card Magic _Squaring The Deck

This deck is squared. I could dribble it. It’s all messed up and then I could square it up. And there’s a way to square the deck after it’s messed up.

If you are going to learn how to perform card magic, you will need to learn how to properly square the deck of cards.

 Like if it was messed up on the table, you can pick this up and square it up. And here’s how you square up a deck. You’re going to place the deck into this hand.

Left-hand way up here at the fingertips. So not in a mechanics grip, although you can square a deck in a mechanics grip, but it’s easier and more efficient to square the deck up on your fingertips. 

So you’re going to lift it up. So after it dribbles or after you pick it up, you’re going to pick that deck up.

It’s all messed up and you want to get it really squared up so you can practice this with a regular deck. It will go into your hand. Your right hand will come above and grab the short ends, with the thumb at the bottom here and the fingers up at the top, but just the tips, the thumb tip fingertips. And then it’s going to squeeze these cards together.

That’s the first step of the square up and then lift all the cards up here with this index finger curled underneath of the left-hand these fingers on [00:01:00] this side, this thumb on this side. So I have the thumb down here of the right hand and the fingers up here and the fingers here and the thumb over here.

So each side. Something on it and I’m just going, and I’m going to bring these two fingers here of my right hand, around to the side. So to get it there, I’m going to grab it with these three, right? These two fingers and my thumb thumb on the, this side fingers at the top, then I’m going to squeeze it. I’m going to lift it.

At the fingertips, my thumb have my left hand back on this side and my fingers on this side, these fingers at the top. And then these two fingers. Once I get it to this position, these fingers go on either side. My index finger of my right hand goes on the side with my thumb of my left hand. And my pinky from my right hand goes on the side with my fingers.

And that’s where, and then I kind of. Do a wave, you know, like in your crowd and everybody does the wave and it’s like, then this section and that section. So it’s kind of like that, how they move in that movement there will square up all the cards and they’re perfectly squared.

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