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The Magic Room

The Magic Room

Located @ The Great Magic Hall

“The Magic Room”

Every magician displays their collection of props, book, DVD’s and special pieces of magic on a shelf, a bookcase or “the magic room”.

This is mine. Lol

Had to move it out of my house.

This is not a magic shop.

It’s The Magic Room at The Great Magic Hall. Most of what I’ve collected over the years is here on display. 

I’m going to be clearing some of this out to make room for more, and I’ll be reigniting The Great Magic Giveaway.

Stay tuned for this starting soon, and be a part of fun.

Text: giveaway 


And get on the list every time I post a new item to giveaway.

So you don’t miss out.

There are so many great things here you will love to have.