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The Coin Magic Series

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Top 10 Ways to Learn Coin Magic

I’ll be teaching you the methods to learn the most important basic coin sleight of hand.

Magic doesn’t have to be difficult to be amazing. I’ll show you exactly the path to take to performing incredible coin magic and amazing coin routines.

This new series has 5 episodes that will give you all the guidance you will need to begin a journey with coin magic and catapult you to have greater skills very quickly, just follow my lead as I direct you through each phase of effects, handling principles and performance fundamentals.

You will learn moves, vanishes, productions, utility sleight, clever concealments, gimmicks, gaffs and complete routines to perform with just a few coins.

Join me Wednesday night and gain complimentary access to Theatre Magic Zoom room and learn one step at a time. Every detail and every nuance you need to understand and develop the amazing ability to perform strong coin magic.

At the live session, I will answer all your questions and make sure you understand exactly how you do it yourself.

Magic is fun to learn, you will look forward to practice and you will truly blow peoples minds completely with the time tested, audience proven material I will be sharing with you.

Don’t miss one session and receive the replay.


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