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Here you will find many wonderful effects that will astonish audiences of all ages. Our objective is to teach classic magic with a modern touch.

Every “Theatre Magic” kit comes with an instructional DVD. Our DVD will not only teach you how the trick is done. It also gives you a complete lesson in the props, additional effects available, and the methods. Additionally, and most importantly the detailed instructions on the handling, timing styles, and the interesting purpose of the way a routine is structured. All in a simple format to bring any beginner into a fuller understanding of performing a magical presentation.

A magic trick is selected based on its amazing qualities, not because of its level of difficulty. Our product line offers a wide selection of absolutely amazing effects that anyone can learn to do very well.

We at Theatre Magic hope you enjoy the teaching side of our DVDs, as well as our look into a journey of magic. You will Learn from magicians both past and present, that “Magic” is a very interesting craft. You will also gain an appreciation for this very intriguing art form.-TM