The School Of Secrets

The complete class in a Kit.

The best way to learn magic is with the signature Theatre Magic method.

Each class comes with everything you need. Included with each class is the complete digital file of tutorials that take you from start to finish, learning every correct position and step by step, 3 phase method to perform and play the part of the magician. Also available is the full complete class is a kit that includes the digital files, live workshops, along with all the special props, gimmicks and supplies.

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The Weekly Magic Special

Every week during The Monday Night Magic Special we celebrate The Great Magic Giveaway.

Great giveaways every week you are not going to miss out because you could easily become the winner when the name is called. Join the live broadcast and join the fun. 

Every Monday night at 8:00pm EST live on Facebook/TheatreMagic

Inside Theatre Magic

Our free subscription that keeps you up to date on everything Theatre Magic. We produce various shows and post our most current episode here Inside Theatre Magic. Free routines, tips of tricks, check out a product and what comes with it, recommendations, reviews and opinions on various magic to buy whether it’s old, new, a trick a book or DVD.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge, perspectives and thoughts toward magic and everything related.

See you Inside Theatre Magic

The Dollar Magic Club

This is the coolest magic club on the planet.

The “Dollar Deal” changes each week and for that week only it is available for one single dollar. This is a great way to build your magic video library.

These magic routines are easy to learn and with the video tutorials, it’s basically the best way to really pick everything up quickly and gain an understanding of performing the magic for an audience.

The are timeless classic routines perfect for a beginner or if you been doing magic for a while.  A magician doesn’t pick a trick because it’s difficult, he picks it because it’s amazing!

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