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Each image below, is linked to a special Theatre Magic program or venue location.

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Theatre Magic is located inside The Great Magic Hall in Kissimmee, Florida.

There are a variety of magicians who perform at The Great Magic Magic daily and nightly.

Get more information about show times and show tickets.

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The Great Magic Hall

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 Showtimes daily and nightly

5 theaters inside connected like a carousel.

A different style of magic presentation in each room.

One of a kind, never before has there been anything like this wonderful place.

Come be astonished, astounded and amazed.

For the whole family.

“A Magic Show Like No Other”

 Trip Advisor- Traveler’s Choice Award

Multiple Award Winning Experience

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Inside Theatre Magic

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The School of Secrets

The School of Secrets is located inside The Great Magic Hall.

Inside The Great Magic Hall are 5 theaters, each designed for a special genre of magic performance.

We have professional magic artist’s perform their shows of wonder in these rooms.

We also use them as classrooms to instruct and teach the secrets of performing effective magic.

Our programs are broadcasted live to our students and the video replays are then edited and uploaded into the magic video library here at

Below is a few of our programs to learn, practice and perform magic.

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Complete Classes In A Kit

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Here is our line of physical products, each one is a complete classes in a kit.

These kits come complete with all the necessary props shipped to your door and tutorials added to your magic video library.

*Master Key VIP receives access to the entire magic video library suite



Secret Sessions

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This is the home of our Secret Session video tutorials.

Individual effects that offer an incredible opportunity to build a repertoire of hundreds of great classic routines.

These are hand selected powerful, strong magic routines that are not difficult to learn.

Theatre Magic signature method of instruction will provide you the impact for your presentations.

Build your magic video library with these incredible effects and routines.

*Master Key VIP receives access to the entire magic video library suite


the conjurer's club vip monthly

The Conjurer’s Club VIP

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This is our ultimate program to learn performing magic, but built for someone with a spark of interest to learn how to become a real magician.

Receive full access to everything we do.

All the exclusive live and recorded programs.

New live streams weekly and new edited replays added weekly to your VIP magic video library suites.

Secrets of Conjuring

The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic

Volume One – The Show Essentials

These are the show essentials.

This is a complete magic show and you can earn much money performing this incredible magic show at all kinds of events, private parties and special get togethers.

This is the perfect place to begin for many many reasons.

Volume one includes all the kits below including weekly live lessons to guide and support your journey learning how perform and blow people away with these incredible routines.

Volume one is only $97 for all 7 kits.

One kit is a surprise

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