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Practice Magic Tip_ Practice List Cheat Sheet

Practice Tips_ How To Practice Magic

How to work on your sleights with cards because all you got to do is carry your cards and a little cheat sheet.

I have a cheat sheet here and I’m going to do some double lifts, false shuffles, false cuts. I’m going to show you how to put them in a routine. If you don’t have a deck of cards, go get a deck of cards.

So it’s right there. Ready?

If you have a closeup mat, put it in front of you. I have a bunch of sleights here, and if I want to practice. I’ll just carry this with me. I’ll carry a slip and I’ll put a bunch of names of routines. So this way you can go into The Secret Agenda. Let’s say, write down a bunch of the ones that are there, learn them.

You get used to doing it. You’re not just learning it and let it go.

You’re doing it and doing it and doing it because you put it on his practice list. I like to have a practice list.

You just write down a dozen different sleights, various so that you have false shuffles, false cuts. card controls, double lifts, and counts.