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Learn The Switch

The Switch

This principle is a must comprehend….in a lot of ways. 
A great book on the principle of “the switch” .
A perfectly structure, illustrated and written book by John Lovick, 
Switch-Unfolding The $100 Bill Change.  
I have one if you want it. $50 
DM. I’ll mail you one.
This is such a superb work. 
You will be blown away by all the detail and thought that goes into a moment of subtle movements. 
It’s ridiculously good. You will come away completely changed. 
A solid book for the serious student or someone who wants a great book on learning magic. 
The switch is devastating when properly framed.
This book will teach you how to make it sooooo convincing, its just insane. 
Natural, relaxed……boom!
Then the moment the magic happens…wow, wow, WOW!!!



If you haven’t read the book and you are serious about magic, get the book and take a super deep dive into a beautiful body of work, effort and wonderful consideration, thanks to John Lovick. 
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The Switcheroo👈🏼

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