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The Number One Reason You Should Learn Magic Tricks

The Number One Reason You Should Learn Magic Tricks

There are many number one reasons you should learn magic tricks. I have to pick one.

🤔hmmmm…….. I could write a new blog with this title but different content for weeks.

Out of all the number one reasons to learn magic tricks, I would say the number one reason to learn magic tricks out of all the number one reasons to learn magic tricks IS

 …..The Number One Reason everyone should learn magic tricks is for the wisdom it inspires.

🔥Wisdom is filled to overflowing with supply.

🗝Wisdom holds the key to bringing it into existence to the best you can be at that time.

🧐As you get wiser, you improve your applications and add the details that make the difference for the audience experience.

As you study and learn magic ( which is relaxing and very satisfying BTW) Wisdom is the number one result to anyone learning magic tricks and the one teaching holds a valuable responsibility.

So many details must be magnified in order for the one receiving the information can gain the perspective that opens a deeper understanding.

This does not take long to get to a place where the enjoyment, fulfillment, and satisfaction begin.

This can happen after your very first lesson.

I love to teach magic and point out the treasure it holds.

Learning magic tricks and the motivation behind the applications applied in magic performance open the gateway to inspired application.

You tap into your built in creative process when learning magic tricks and develop ways to perform the effects, routines and mysteries, structured to captivate the audience, build their interest and take the to a place of surprise, enjoyment and wonder.

How can you, bring someone you never met, to a place of surprise, enjoyment and wonder?

It would require a little wisdom with a twinkle of magic and bang…..wonder.

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