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Classic Cars Cruise Main Street Every Saturday Night

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Classic Cars Cruise Main Street Every Saturday Night

Every Saturday there is a tradition that has been going on for many, many years.

100’s of mint condition, classic cars line up for display for strolling guests to get and up close look at classic American pie.


There is a parade of classics that rumble down the main street inside the Old Town theme park in Kissimmee, Florida.

The Great Magic Hall is located on block 4. You can miss our two story building with its magical appearance.

The cars roll by, one beautiful classic after another in a parade of celebration for these legendary stars.

They start arriving early and are on display all day until the evening cruise through the entire theme park.

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People line up and down the streets, just like the parades at the other theme parks in town. This one is FREE!

That’s right….free.

Fun Spot is free also and they are right next to each other like brother and sister but they are not related.

They compliment each other and make this a must stop spot.


Restaurants, shops, rides, amusements, entertainment, ….The Great Magic Hall, fun, fun fun.

When visiting Orlando, Florida you must check us out. We have showtimes daily and this place is insane. There is nothing like The Great Magic Hall on earth. You will love it, I promise.

I love when people come inside, asking if it is any good, not really knowing what to expect. Most people have never seen a live professional magic show or it has been a minute.

We love seeing the transformation of our visiting guests. As each effect is executed and they follow the yellow brick road of this magical journey through the attraction.

They don’t want to leave.

Come be amazed.

We have different shows, different magicians. Always absolutely amazing.