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Magic Monthly 2021

Here is this months free tutorial

The Countdown Shuffle

Transform any 15 playing cards from any borrowed deck and change into a special packet of  “Countdown Cards”.
A card is selected from the remaining cards and and is shuffled into the now special packet of “Countdown Cards”
The countdown shuffle is executed and only one card is left everytime.
It will always be the selected card!
Incredible and so easy to learn

Just fantastic.

A great routine to have ready because can be done at any time with any deck.

Great impromptu magic.


The Countdown Shuffle Demonstration

Countdown Shuffle Tutorial

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Week 37 2021

Welcome to this weeks edition of Inside Theatre Magic.

This week 3 performance videos. These are the routines recently added to the Conjurer’s Club VIP magic video library suite.

We go live at least once a week and in these sessions I teach a lot of magic. They include my signature method of instruction and my personal handling choices, the why they were chosen, and what to consider when you make your choices.

Building a magic show is full of choices. I’m going to help you build a solid act. My name is Attillio and it would be my pleasure to be your personal show coach.

If you are a hobbiest, just starting to learn or you have been interested in magic and enjoy the deep dives into what motivates the choice.

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St Augustine_The Salon Of Secrets

Friday Through Monday, I’ll be performing inside “The Salon Of Secrets” in the historical walking district of St Augustine Florida and then back to Orlando to perform at The Great Magic Hall Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll be back and forth from Orlando to St Augustine working at the venues The Great Magic Hall in Orlando and The Salon of Secrets in St Augustine. It’s been crazy but will become much better when the schedule gets filled with fellow performers.

Once things are stabilized in both locations, I won’t be so all over the place. I’m having a great time building these venues for magic and the online material for you.

Look forward to seeing you in next live stream in the Theatre Magic Zoom Room.

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