Extreme Coincidence



Extreme Coincidence

The deck is shuffled and cut into two halves.

The cards are dealt two at a time until the spectator says stop.

One half is picked up.

The card stopped at is turned face up, placed on the remains cards and buried into the halve by adding the dealt cards on top of the face up card.

The same is repeated with the other half.

One more round to location another random location selected by the spectator with each half.

The first half is spread to reveal the only face up card which was randomly selected and placed.

This card on either side of this face up marker card are removed from the half.

The same is repeated with the second half.

Four cards have been removed.

There are no explanation regarding how the spectator was able to randomly locate a 4 of a kind with a shuffled deck of cards.

This is a great opener to an ace sequence.

The perfect follow up routine would be Magnetic Aces.

Check it out and consider learning these two effects.

There are fun to learn, not difficult at all because it only requires the basics.

Performing magic is fun and when the effect involves the spectator, the strength is doubled.

Makes a great impression.