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Packet Tricks

Packet tricks

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Packet tricks are very popularly used by magicians because they take little room to carry, contain a plot that is fun, easy to follow and is usually a multi-phase routine packed with very cool effects of impossibilities.

Packet tricks are usually performed by a close-up magician. Close-up magic is a genre of magic that is very popular and many truly incredible effects have been presented over the many years of magic history and everyday these amazing artists continue to come up with innovations, inventions and new adaptations of incredible magic that is performed with this unique style of magic know as Close-Up Magic.

When working in a large venue a performer will present a Close-Up Magic piece on stage with camera men to capture the performance as it is projected on large screens to the live audience.

David Blaine performed close up magic on his television specials capturing the reactions of those watching. Those reactions were real and that is the kind of reactions you will receive performing Close-up Magic.

A close up magician works with small props such as cards, coins, bills, string, borrowed objects, ect. and packet tricks fit perfectly in the repertoire of the close-up magician.

Every single magician at some point in the education stages of learning magic worked with packet tricks. I could easily name a dozen packet tricks that they all probably had in their hands at some point in their life.  Maybe still carry today because of the convenience, ease and strength of the packet routine.

Packet tricks are magic routines that only require a few cards. Some use just a few regular cards, cards from different decks or what is known as gaffed cards.

Gaffed cards can be double faced which has the face of a card on both sides. Many times with specific faces on each side for the routine being presented.

Double Backed cards have a back design printed on both sides. depending on the routine determines the card required. Two same back design, contrasting color, custom backs or specific back designs.

Blank Face cards have a back but no face.

Blank Back have a face but no back.

There are gaffs with all kinds of detail work requiring flaps, pockets and spring mechanics.

There custom gaffs with specific custom printing on fronts, backs or both.

So many gaff design and too many to list but those mentioned give you the basic idea of the gaff and how they are sometimes necessary for certain packet tricks routines and the advantage of having them take the routine to another level not available with just regular cards.

Here are some links to some great packet tricks that come with a DVD video tutorial.

There are great classic routines that anyone one can learn and enjoy performing for many years to come because they are timeless.

Click the link below and watch video demonstrations of some classic packet tricks

McDonald Aces

Color Monte

Three Card Monte

Four Play

Mind Control

Jupiter Cards

Wild Card

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