Conjurer's Club VIP

The Conjurer’s Club VIP Magic Video Library Suite



includes The Artist Suite, The Ambassador Suite and The Theatre Magic Network Suite.

Also, you will hold the VIP full access pass that gives you a reserved front row seat to all the live stream events and live premiere broadcasts of our various Theatre Magic network programs.


The Conjurer’s Club VIP magic video library suite

Over 100 new private live lessons, sessions and programs annually

Live Lessons –  PLUS – Secret VIP Sessions – PLUS – All Theatre Magic Network Programs



The Artist Suite

The Artist Suite holds every Theatre Magic class from A to Z. All the classic effects every magician learns. These are the timeless classics, the time tested, sure fire effects and routines that can be the staples to build a complete magic show.

.In our live lessons, you watch the performance of one of these clever routines and then we break everything down for you to learn how to perform it yourself if you choose to. You will be fully equipped with all the fundamentals and details that will give you the confidence, the naturalness that looks so good to the audience and a presentation that is relaxed and engaging.

Right now there are about 70 complete classes but that is just the beginning. There are so many coming your way as a lifetime VIP member.

Remember, every week we go live, no matter how many times we go live, we take that fresh new recording, give a full edit and cut out the not needed and add a new video lesson, session or program into the correct suite and notify the  for you to access anytime.


The Ambassador Suite

The Ambassador Suite has all the recorded and edited effects and routines from our live Secret Sessions. There are over 150 fully edited tutorials.  A variety of strong magic routines that are not difficult to learn and perform. but have all the elements of strong magic impact for an audience. These effects are perfect to use for everyday walk around magic or in a performance setting.

This suite gives you such an advantage to learn many great timeless classics quickly giving you the opportunity to change your show and routines. The options at your fingertips anytime to access and a library suite that continues to grow every week.

There are regular VIP live events called Secret Sessions. This is where all this material is demonstrated live, video recorded for editing and archiving inside your VIP Ambassador Suite.  This is a lifetime membership, so you won’t miss anything regarding these great routines and tutorial details.

This suite is so different than the others and holds such great value that these particular effects and routines had to be recorded, edited and archived intro a separate access space to keep things organized


The Network Suite

The Network Suite is our newest VIP magic video library suite. This suite archives all the Theatre Magic Network shows. There are over a dozen in the works and will continually produced for the next 3-5 years. You will receive full access to all the Theatre Magic network programs inside the VIP Network Suite.

Here is a list of a few shows below


The Tarbell Treasure

The Tarbell Treasure

Each episode parallels the contents of  Tarbell Course In Magic not in content but structure, bringing Tarbell in this mopdern age of magic. Focus is on routines and the fundamentals applied in handling, practice and performing. New series are shot in 5-7 episodes and a new series is always in production.

Spy Before You Buy

Spy Before You Buy

Get a real look at what you are buying.

A complete and comprehensive inside the purchase. A full review of content, quality, consistency, variations, adaptability, and longterm value. We are going to take each product apart one peice at a time and put it back together again and give you the full scoop from a paneramic perspective.

New episodes appear inside your account with a notification when we premiere a new “spy show”.


The Secret Agenda

The tips, tricks and all the things learned along the way.

A full resource os information, that will inspire you, help you solve problems and guide you through the process of growing process. These shows are always in productions with new episodes. tsYou will have the front row seat when they premiere and have access to all the archives.

The Fitzkee Files

The Fitzkee Files

A complete guide to magic performance and the psychological sciences behind it all.

This is the infor that will truly make the difference on how you approach magic, think about magic and creatively bring yourself, naturally to the spotlight. This and The Tarbell Treasure will take years to complete but will hold promise of true value to anyone interested in the proper fundaments and principles and building a keen awareness to them.

New episode premiere in rotation with all the others so you consistently receive a variety of shows on various subects.

The Artist Showcase

The Artist Showcase

A deep dive into the acts of master performers.

A legendary act is reviewed and disected into structure blocks, from entrance, opening effect, bridges, segue elements, climax build up and more.  Each segment is magnified, so key elements are noted and the results they produce pointed out. This is an fascinating look at the principles they apply and how they applied them.

A scientific look at the content of award winning magic. A new episode appears like magic inside the VIP magic video library suite once again and again.

The Secrets Of Conjuring and Magic Course In Magic

Fast-track Your Magic Learning

Lifetime access to Your Magic Library

 Build a Professional Show That People Will Pay to See

 Get the Real Work from a 50+ Year Magic Performer

 The Total Value of the the first year is worth over $1100!

  “Thank you for the amazing lessons!”
– Dexter P. – Del City, OK

Full Access VIP

This program comes with a never ending stream of content from our weekly live lessons, sessions and special programs listed above and with more to come like, After The Show, The Great Magic Giveaway, Houdini Hoffzinser Houdin, It’s Historical or Collectable, The Show & Tell Magician, The Cardistry Corner….to name a few. lol

You are going to have a hey day, with all the material you are going to learn, because I’ve hand selected all the effects, that take little, to no sleight of hand and picked the best, strongest ones, for you only. Also, there are many tutorials that will lead you throught to better skills, more relaxed handling, and an understanding so you bring you and your audience into an enjoyable experience. You will access all my signature methods, all my personal instructions and all the exclusive weekly live events to learn more, access q&a sessions and get all the answers you need. The are contests, workshops, one day events and weekend get togethers in Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Conjurer's Club VIP

You also receive Total VIP Access to the Theatre Magic Zoom Room VIP Secret Sessions and Live Lessons.

You will now have the pass to all Theatre Magic programs, plus access to the Theatre Magic VIP video library suite loaded with videos demonstrating and teaching , 100’s of magic routines, effects and complete sets of routines for a magic show of structured effects, you will love to perform.

I’m going to be there, to share the real secrets, to performing all the magic and helping you to look confident, relaxed, yourself and help you make your magic look picture perfect, beautiful.

Each week for we focus on one thing at each lesson and session from the classes or VIP session and rotate these lessons and sessions over a 52 week cycle to give you so many wonderful touches to build your skills quickly and powerfully.

This offer includes not only the 52 weeks of solid material for a solid year but also a lifetime access to all the material laid out for you in a simple to follow format with us a text away to assist anytime.

You will learn so much in a shorter time and see improvements quickly with this perfect “Mentor Method”.

Each live event always has Q&A and that is a great opportunity to ask questions in the chat or raise your hand so you can un mute and share more fully any question you might have.

We have VIP night where new students get to perform and VIP night where older students perform. Come to both.You have the pass.

We will mentor you, support your learning and give you all the guidance so that you shine.

The Secrets of Conjuring, our Theatre Magic Course in Magic, is loaded with all the information you are going to need to perform incredible magic shows, even make money performing your magic show if you choose to. You certainly want to bring your magic to groups, get-togethers, picnics, home parties, charity functions, fundraisers, weddings, birthdays, holidays, and every occasion you could imagine.

We will be your guide and point you in the right direction to get lots of open doors to perform.

You will have magic to show every day, where ever you go. Before you know it you’ll be quitting your day job, getting a business license and making bank performing your magic.lol

BTW if you want to travel, there are all kinds of opportunity there.

We will teach you everything in this program.

You will be fully equipped because we give you access to any of the props you need at a VIP discount.

Our “Mentor Method” weekly live sessions, Every session starts with a basic lesson the q&a before going into next level for returning students.  New students will feel comfortable in our Theatre Magic “Zoom Room” set up.

Your video library will be filled with detailed instructions, routines, sleights, handling techniques, fundamentals, principles, and an all-access pass to our archived broadcasts.

We take the timeless classics and give our special twist, handling details and framing techniques. KABOOM!!! You will look like a seasoned magician. Plus….this is massive….the entire VIP Theatre Magic video library suite with 100’s of Secret Sessions. Each session is a complete routine. 100’s of new routines to learn, enjoy, perform.

Build a new show every time you are with the same group of people.  Always have something new to show.

These effects and routines are not difficult to pick up. I will be there for you to make sure all of your needs are met and you enjoy performing the magic.

workshops and sessions with full access to a huge magic video library filled with detailed instructions, routines, sleights, handling techniques, fundamentals, principles, and an all-access pass to our archived broadcasts.

So don’t wait – start today!

You’ve tried learning magic before. You may even know a few card tricks. But what has stopped you from truly turning your magic tricks into wonderful magic performances?

Is being good at magic preventing you from becoming great?!

Most people interested in learning magic aren’t prepared for the tsunami of products there are to choose from. And are also looking for a solid resource that offers variety, easy-to-consume content, and material that will build a solid reputation of a magic performer.


The Conjurer’s Club VIP Magic Video Library

Also Includes over 150 complete classes 

each class focuses on one full routine complete with props required shipped to your door at a VIP discount.

I’ve been doing magic for over 60 years.

The dvds, the downloads, and now the zoom sessions brings learning magic to a new level. The time it takes to learn an effect from Attillio, AND perform it is compressed 10x.

My only regret is that learning like this wasn’t available 60 years ago!

James C. - Erie, PA

Attillio breaks everything down on video so that you can understand it – even the tricks that seem difficult. He goes over every detail!
Jon A. - North Port, FL

Attillio’s experiences performing for decades enable him to teach what works in real life, and he passes this on to us. Nothing held back!

You will learn how to perform magic, instead of doing tricks. Thanks!

Jim B. - Laguna Niguel, CA

VIP Lifetime Full Suites Access $497


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