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Theatre Magic Presents

The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic

Theatre Magic Course in Magic


The Conjurer’s Club VIP magic video library suite

Over 100 private live lessons, sessions and programs annually

multiple new episodes*lessons*sessions weekly

The Secrets Of Conjuring and Magic Course In Magic

Fast-track Your Magic Learning

Lifetime access to Your Magic Library

 Build a Professional Show That People Will Pay to See
 Get the Real Work from a 50+ Year Magic Performer

 The Total Value of Volume 1 is over $1100!

  “Thank you for the amazing lessons!”
– Dexter P. – Del City, OK

Let’s take a peek at what’s included:

Volume 1 – The Show Essentials

But what does that mean? “Show Essentials”?

Every professional magician knows what makes a great show. Each of the effects included in Volume 1 have been carefully chosen because they each represent some essential aspect of magic performance. Each one is vital in providing you with the skill needed to make your magic memorable.

7 complete classes packed with the variety you need to build a wonder filled magic show.

We teach you everything comes complete with props and live weekly lessons.

Each lesson is 30 minutes, each lesson focuses on one thing so you can build your skills quickly.

There are 5 volumes of classes in the complete Theatre Magic Course In Magic

35 complete classes in a kit collection

In the yearly program we will ship you 7 new classes yearly.

In the monthly program we ship you a new class every 2 months

With the 7th class sent after final payment for the year

Both have shipping include in the continental USA

Cancel subscription at any time

Conjurer's Club VIP
Plus You Also Receive This

You also receive Total VIP Access to the Theatre Magic Zoom Room VIP Secret Sessions.

Every Wednesday Night is VIP night and you get the pass plus access to the Theatre Magic VIP video library suite loaded with videos demonstrating and teaching , f100’s of magic routines, effects and complete sets of routines for a magic show of structured effects, you will love to perform.

I’m going to be there to share the real secrets to performing all the magic and helping you to look confident, relaxed, yourself and you magic look picture perfect, beautiful.

Each week for we focus on one thing at each lesson and session from the classes or VIP session and rotate these lessons and sessions over a 52 week cycle to give you so many wonderful touches to build your skills quickly and powerfully.

This offer includes not only the 52 weeks of solid material for a solid year but also a lifetime access to all the material laid out for you in a simple to follow format with us a text away to assist anytime.

You will learn so much in a shorter time and see improvements quickly with this perfect “Mentor Method”.

The first 30 minutes of each class is devoted to the new students, then Q&A and then we open it up and get into the other material in the class.

We will mentor you, support your learning and give you all the guidance so that you shine.

Each volume of The Secrets of Conjuring is loaded with all the information you are going to need to perform incredible magic shows, even make money performing your magic show if you choose to. You certainly want to bring your magic to groups, get-togethers, picnics, home parties, charity functions, fundraisers, weddings, birthdays, holidays, and every occasion you could imagine. We will be your guide and point you in the right direction to get lots of open doors to perform.  You could do this every day, where ever you go. Before you know it you’ll be quitting your day job, getting a business license and making bank performing your magic. BTW if you want to travel, there are all kinds of opportunity there.

We will teach you everything in this program.

You will be fully equipped with all the props you need, through our “Mentor Method” weekly live sessions, Every session starts with a basic lesson the q&a before going into next level for returning students.  New students will feel comfortable in our Theatre Magic “Zoom Room” set up.

Your video library will be filled with detailed instructions, routines, sleights, handling techniques, fundamentals, principles, and an all-access pass to our archived broadcasts.

Get all 3 volumes and receive bonuses which total your trunk with all the props from 27 of our most incredible classics with a twist of our signature recipe. KABOOM!!! Plus….this is massive….the entire VIP Theatre Magic video library suite with 100’s of Secret Sessions. Each session is a complete routine. 100’s of new routines to learn, enjoy, perform.

Build a new show every time you are with the same group of people.  Always have something new to show.

These effects and routines are not difficult to pick up. I will be there for you to make sure all of your needs are met and you enjoy performing the magic.

workshops and sessions with full access to a huge magic video library filled with detailed instructions, routines, sleights, handling techniques, fundamentals, principles, and an all-access pass to our archived broadcasts.


So don’t wait – start today!

You’ve tried learning magic before. You may even know a few card tricks. But what has stopped you from truly turning your magic tricks into wonderful magic performances?

Is being good at magic preventing you from becoming great?!

Most people interested in learning magic aren’t prepared for the tsunami of products there are to choose from. And are also looking for a solid resource that offers variety, easy-to-consume content, and material that will build a solid reputation of a magic performer.


Let’s take a look at the classes in the course

The Levitator
The Levitator Masterclass with 13 Live Lessons

When a non-magician hears the word magic, nothing fits their expectation more than seeing an object float in mid-air!

With The Levitator magic kit, you’ll learn the essential finesses needed to create a truly stunning experience. Anyone who watches you borrow a coin, an ink pen, or any small object will forever remember the moment you made that item float right in front of their eyes.

Svengali Masterclass

The Svengali Plus Masterclass with 13 Live Lessons

The Svengali Deck has been around for well over a hundred years. But how many magicians can say that they get the most out of this venerable classic? Not many!

Understand that this is not merely a tutorial on how this deck works. This is an in-depth masterclass that will also accelerate your smoothness when handling any deck. You’ll become a card pro in no time!

SpongeBall Magic
SpongeBall Magic Masterclass with 13 Live Lessons

When most non-magicians hear the term “sleight-of-hand”, they immediately think of great skill and lots of practice!

What they don’t realize is that a lot of sleight-of-hand is quite easy to learn and perform – and will still be very deceptive!

SpongeBall magic will give you the foundational sleights that are essential to creating a quality show. And for those who already have a good working knowledge of vanishments and productions, dig into the more advanced modules and skyrocket your skill!

The Magician’s Assistant
The Magician’s Assistant Masterclass with 13 Live Lessons

This apparatus will grant you the amazing powers to make things appear and vanish.

When used properly, it is completely invisible. Carry this with you everywhere you go and it’s showtime – no matter where you are.

The training that accompanies this gimmick is essential to getting the most out of this clever prop. Most magicians dismiss its usefulness and never progress past vanishing a handkerchief. In fact, many magicians have been fooled badly by the methods that we teach.

It’s not their fault – they’ve never been given the real work on the subject that we offer!


Wonder Bubbles

The Wonder Bubbles Masterclass with 13 Live Lessons


Bubbles already look magical – but being able to produce them and pluck them out of the air is a true miracle!

This class offers a dual course that covers bubble magic and billiard ball manipulation for stage. Everything you learn with this class can also be applied to just about any standard set of Multiplying Billiard Balls.

Most magicians would be grateful for just the information on billiard balls alone!


The WonderLight Masterclass with 13 Live Lessons


Pluck a point of light from the air – toss it from hand to hand – make them multiply – then vanish!

Three levels of instruction will start you with a basic handling that will delight all who see. Once you get comfortable, apply our techniques to boost your handling and presentation to new heights.

Instant attention getter!



All six kits purchased separately:
But that’s just a small part of
The Secrets of Conjuring


In Addition to all of the Kits, props, DVDs – you’ll receive a ton of online content.

…look below to see the tons of digital bonuses that are included with Volume 1 of The Secrets of Conjuring.


13 Weeks of live workshops
13 Weeks of live workshops

Wait, you mean live as in LIVE?

Private one-on-one lessons have always been the most effective (and most expensive) way to learn any skill. But when you sit in on our live workshops, you get all of the benefit of live learning without even having to leave your bedroom!

The workshops are taught weekly and cycle through each class in the series. If you miss one, you can always catch the replay. But, another one is sure to be announced soon!

***Lifetime Bonus Pass***
All Future Live Workshops

In This Series

***Lifetime Bonus Pass***
All Future Live Workshops

In This Series

This is perhaps the most valuable feature of the entire course!

We know that everyone learns at their own pace. If there’s something you don’t quite get in the live training, come back and see it again!

Plus, each live workshop goes over different details; you’ll get something new from each session!

Nothing beats live one-on-one teaching, but having access to all of our live events is certainly the next best thing!



You never have to go this alone! Every magician has had a magic kit and the experience is almost universally the same. Here’s your kit and you’re on your own.

That’s never sat right with us. We want to make sure that you understand the material and get the most out of it.

You can use your two coaching calls pretty much whenever you want. But we recommend having one near the beginning to set your direction and one near the end to guide your future direction.

Who couldn’t use a voice of encouragement!?


Complete Class Digital Tutorials
Complete Class Digital Tutorials

Video is still the most efficient way to learn magic. Each kit will contain a DVD with detailed, visual instruction. But we go a step further and give you online access to those same video modules.

Now you can view them on any connected device – for the life of the product!

Private Q&A Facebook Group
Private Q&A Facebook Group
There are hundreds of people also learning the same material. Being able to talk to one another and get help from those who are going through the same course is invaluable.

Magic is about making connections. And the connections you make in our Facebook Q&A group will last you a liftime!


Six complete classes in a kit
with all props:
All-access pass
to the online content:
What our students are saying:


I’ve been doing magic for over 60 years.

The dvds, the downloads, and now the zoom sessions brings learning magic to a new level. The time it takes to learn an effect from Attillio, AND perform it is compressed 10x.

My only regret is that learning like this wasn’t available 60 years ago!

James C. - Erie, PA

Attillio breaks everything down on video so that you can understand it – even the tricks that seem difficult. He goes over every detail!
Jon A. - North Port, FL

Attillio’s experiences performing for decades enable him to teach what works in real life, and he passes this on to us. Nothing held back!

You will learn how to perform magic, instead of doing tricks. Thanks!

Jim B. - Laguna Niguel, CA

The Secrets Of Conjuring and Magic Course In Magic

The Bottom Line:

Six Complete Classes in a Kit – Props, DVDs, Plus Online Modules and LIVE Weekly Lessons

  • Levitator
  • Svengali
  • Spongeball
  • Magician’s Assistant
  • Wonder Bubbles
  • WonderLight

13 Weeks of Live Workshops that rotate all year long

Come as much as you want. You will learn more every time.  You have my 100% money back guarantee.

Lifetime Bonus Pass to All Future Live Workshops in This Series

Two Personal Coaching Calls to Direct you Through the Course

And the Private Facebook Q&A Group

Conjurer's Club VIP
  • VIP Total Access To Every Live Secret Session
  • Every Wednesday Night is VIP Night At Theatre Magic
  • Text Notification –  Zoom Room Link – 15 Minutes Prior To Event
  • Archive Access To Fully Edited Secret Session Replays
  • 24/7 Access Theatre Magic VIP Magic Video Library Suite
  • !00’s &100’s of full routines, individuals effects, Card Sleights, Coin Sleights ect. ect.
  • All The Show Premieres, Episode Replay and Each Title  is a Complete Special Series


The Conjurer’s Club VIP program is loaded beyond belief with so much value.

Text: VIP Tour anytime at 407-214-5178 and I will get back to schedule a time to share a 20 min tour of all you receive to enjoy.

Still Not Convinced?

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