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The Back Palm

The Back Palm
To Perform this basic move with a single card is easy to pick up, but once you begin to add multiple cards, the move begins to require much more dexterity and will involve many, many more hours of practice.
This technique is mostly used by stage magicians, has been a staple of manipulators for over 100 years and is usually spotlighted in their stage manipulation act to music.
The card manipulator act is a classic demonstration of beautiful visual artisr, weaving multiple methods, honed handling skills and a variety of effects that can be structured in such a way that will captivate the audience to a state of astonishment.
Even the card manipulators of magic’s past are still enjoyable to watch and the stage magicians who stand in the spotlight today, continue to raise the bar and invent new methods of performing card manipulation.
It will always be appreciated in the magic community when a performer conjures a new innovative approach, style and methods to this performance genre of the classic stage magic, manipulation act.
Even with all the different amazing acts that have performed their unique presentations to date…….we haven’t seen anything yet.