Welcome to The Secret Agenda. This program will be sleights, tips and all the details to execute the move smoothly and naturally. Over the next few years this will continue to fill with everything you need to be fully equipped to develop your skills, understanding and abilities for building creative magical experiences.

Module 1 Secret Agenda
Unit 1 BallManipulation_RotationVanish
Unit 2 CardMagic_BasicSkills_SquareTheDeck
Unit 3 CardMagic_CardConcealment_MercuryFold
Unit 4 CardMagic_CardControl_DoubleLiftSwitchControl
Unit 5 CardMagic_CardControl_DoubleSlipCutCardControl
Unit 6 CardMagic_CardControl_VernonMultipleShift
Unit 7 CardMagic_CardForce_Cull Force
Unit 8 CardMagic_CardPeek_RotationPeek
Unit 9 CardMagic_CardSteal_The Cop
Unit 10 CardMagic_DoubleLift_DoubleGetReady
Unit 11 CardMagic_DoubleLift_DoubleTurnOver
Unit 12 CardMagic_FalseCuts_CrazyCut
Unit 13 CardMagic_FalseCuts_FrankThompsonFalseCut
Unit 14 CardMagic_FalseCuts_RetentionFalseCut
Unit 15 CardMagic_FalseCuts_SwingCut
Unit 16 CardMagic_FalseCuts_WinnipegCut
Unit 17 CardMagic_FalseShuffle_MultipleSlipCutShuffle
Unit 18 CardMagic_PracticeTips_CardHandlingPractice
Unit 19 CoinMagic_Classic Palm
Unit 20 CoinMagic_Downs Palm
Unit 21 CoinMagic_FrenchDrop/SpiderVanish
Unit 22 CoinMagic_RetentionVanish
Unit 23 CoinMagic_ShuttlePass
Unit 24 CoinMagic_ThumbClip
Unit 25 GagMagic_iSpoon
Unit 26 SpongeBallMagic_TheFlurryEffect
Unit 27 Wand_Flip Stick_Basic Move
Unit 28 Wand_FlipStick_RotationVanish