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Without deep reflection, one knows from daily life, that one exists for other people.

Albert Einstein

Magic is all about other people.

The magician is the one that brings, gives, shares and demonstrates what is possible.

As I reflect on the purpose of the magician, my thoughts are drawn to the positive nature of the magicians motivation.

A magician is to bring wonder, mystery and fun to others.

Captivating effects that gain attention, build observations and deliver moments of the unexplainable.

It is so cool to bring these elements to others.

Magic inspires imaginations, arouses laughter and energizes interactions.

Let me teach you the effects that are proven to bring these consistent result with others you meet every day.

There are so many wonderful effects that are not difficult and only require basic skills.

I will share these simple basics with you through my follow along tutorials and these basic skills will open the doors to many, many unbelievable moments to others.

I have a free subscription available right now to Magic Monthly.

This will give you access to effects in the Theatre Magic video library.

Every month you will learn new effects and there is nothing to purchase.

Just let me know how you enjoy them and share with me he experiences you have sharing them with others.

That’s all I ask.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Magic Monthly link in in the profile.

Click it, grab it and start learning today.