WonderLight/WonderDust – Complete Class in a Kit



Introducing WonderLight and its dazzling variation, WonderDust. Harness the power of light and magic at your fingertips!

WonderLight gives you the extraordinary ability to manipulate a super-bright red LED light as if it were a tangible object. At any moment, you can reach out and pluck a spot of brilliant light from thin air, all under your control. This is not just magic, it’s a captivating spectacle of light!

But the magic doesn’t stop there. With WonderDust, you can create a twinkling, sparkling, dazzling effect that will leave your audience in awe. The WonderDust variation illuminates your entire hand with a mesmerizing sparkle!

Toss the light between your hands, make it vanish at will, or even pull it out from someone else’s ear. Perform it anywhere, anytime, and be ready to draw a crowd. The magic of WonderLight and WonderDust is so captivating that people will stop and watch!

The kit includes two light gimmicks – along with an instructional DVD that provides a wealth of ideas to create a mesmerizing routine. Even if you’re new to magic, you’ll be performing these illuminating effects right away.

With WonderLight and WonderDust, your future in magic is indeed bright… and sparkling!