Conjurer's Club VIP

The Conjurer’s Club VIP Magic Video Library Suite now has three wings.

The first one we built wasThe Artist Suite but for the first time it is available in its entirety with lifetime access. Classes are continually recorded and added to The Artist Suite.

The Artist Suite is included in this offer.

The second suite we built out was, The Ambassador Suite, which has many routines shot and fully edited from our live VIP Sessions. These sessions continue to happen and more and more content is fully edited and put in a format for you to easily access and enjoy….for the rest of your life.

The Ambassador Suite is included in this offer

The third suite started construction after the pandemic and offer a variety of programs like The Tarbell Treasure, The Secret Agenda, Spy Before You Buy and many others great programs are scheduled to also be a part of The Apprentice Suite.

The Apprentice Suite is included in this offer

These 3 suites are included in this offer.

The Artist Suite, The Ambassador Suite and The Apprentice Suite


Total access to all exclusive VIP live online events.

The material from from these exclusive VIP  live online events will be fully edited and added into your existing Conjurer’s Club VIP Magic Video Library Suite.

If you have any questions or want more information text me at 407-214-5178

*only texts are received at this number, thank you.


VIP Lifetime




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