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Sponge Ice Cream Cone


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Experience the magic of Sponge Ice Cream Cones – a classic trick that’s back with a bang!

Imagine the astonishment on your audience’s faces as you effortlessly produce a soft ice cream cone from your bare hand, from beneath a handkerchief, or even from someone’s pocket! But the magic doesn’t stop there. With a simple wave of your hand, one ice cream cone multiplies into two, then again and again!

Key features include:

  • Two high-quality sponge ice cream cones for maximum impact
  • Easy-to-follow video instructions to master the trick in no time
  • Endless possibilities for creative performances

With the Sponge Ice Cream Cones, you’re not just buying a magic trick – you’re investing in a memorable experience for your audience and a powerful tool to elevate your magic performances.