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Sponge Ball Magic – Complete Class in a Kit



Introducing the Mysteries of SPONGE BALL MAGIC with Attillio Unlock an abundance of routines, maneuvers, and secrets with sponge balls!

Imagine owning a single magic video that could be your key to mastering the art of sponge ball magic. This is it! Our video, featuring the renowned magician Attillio, is a treasure trove that encompasses the most timeless and iconic effects and routines in the realm of magic. It’s an extraordinary collection where Attillio shares his unique techniques and routines that have entertained hundreds of thousands of people at Universal Studios Resort for over a decade.

Our sponge ball magic video is like an encyclopedia, brimming with Attillio’s knowledge and expertise. You’ll learn a variety of unique vanishes, moves, and strategies to either create your own routine or enhance the one you already have. This video is your one-stop reference for all things sponge ball magic.

Witness the artistry of Attillio and learn the basics from one of the best in the business. Discover unique twists and turns that have captivated audiences at Universal Studios Resort. And if you’re looking for a show-stopping finale for your sponge ball routine, Attillio’s awe-inspiring endings are sure to leave your audience spellbound.