Spelling Surprise


Author : Attillio

Spelling Surprise

A packet of six cards are shown and a number between one and six is selected.

You count to the card at that position and remove the card at that location from the packet but do not reveal the identity of that card just yet.

Yours the other cards to spell a magic word and with this spelling sequence, you eliminate one card at a time until you are holding a single card.

The identity of that card is revealed and the original card is shown to be its match.

Attention is drawn to the remaining four cards.

They are turned to reveal a four of a kind or any four-letter word.

Very quick, very cool effect that you can carry in you wallet, your pocket or backpack to be ready to show anyone on the spot.

Easy to get anyone to engage in this fun unfolding of magical moments.

Very easy to do.

Almost automatic no sleight of hand at all.

Anyone can learn this clever one.

Just follow along.