Royal Row


Author : Attillio


This is another packet trick with a small number of regular playing cards with a nice kicker in the end.

A fun routine to learn because there is no sleight of hand.

A packet of of 12 cards are displayed in a fan spread.

Six are face up and six are face down.

An envelope or closed card box is noted an in full view with a prediction inside.

A face up ace through six and the six facedown cards are mixed together, shuffled and cut as many time as the spectator would like stopping whenever a card is face up on the completed cut.

That face up card is placed aside and the rest of the cards are dealt out in a row and the number on the card that was removed is used to count to a location on these lined up face down cards.

Now that card is removed but kept face down.

The other face down cards are show to be various cards that could have been selected.

All the cards are cleared aside except for that single face down card and the prediction.

The prediction is removed and shown to be four face down cards.

They are turned face up one at a time to reveal the 10, jack, queen and king of spades.

The single face down card is finally revealed to be the ace of spades.

Giving you a royal straight flush.

Great effect.

Another one that is fun to learn, super easy and great to perform because of its innate impact.