Ring In Lightbulb


Author : Attillio

Ring in Lightbulb

A lamp is turn off, the lampshade removed, the bulb unscrewed and handed out for examination.
A ring is borrowed and after the bulb is clearly examined the ring is simply tossed to the bulb and it is seen to visually penetrate the glass of the bulb and end up inside the lightbulb. The bulb is shaken so you can see the borrowed ring is now inside the bulb.
All attention is focused on the ring inside and in a snap it visually drops out of the bulb and the ring is handed to its owner.
The bulb is then examined and replaced into the lamp socket.
The shade is replaced and the lamp turned back on.
How cool is that.
This is great magic.
I show you exactly how to achieve this astounding effect and provide every single detail that makes this jaw dropping. no reason to rush the effect.
The more you emphasize the better.
A truly great effect.