Number Card Cut


Author : Attillio

Number Card Cut

This makes a nice opener to card magic but can be done anytime, which makes this treasure.

I love treasure. How about you?

Shuffled deck, any deck is used.

A card is selected using any methd but I like the method I teach in this tutorial.

With this method taught, a card dribble flourish is used….no force.

Any card is seen remembered and the deck is squared. shuffled and any number between 10 – 20 is named.

Almost as soon as the number is named, the magician cuts out a packet of cards which are handed to the spectator.

The spectator deals the cards one at a time on the table and the exact number they called is counted.

The card they remembered is named and the last card counted is shown to be the chosen card.

What a great effect.

Easy to follow and strong impact.

You will love this as much as me.