Not Possible


Author : Attillio

Not Possible

Here is an excellent interlude that can be done during any four ace routine.

In this routine, just the four aces are used. No other cards, extra cards or gaffs of any kind.

Here is a slick handling of an all-time classic with a slight twist in motivation.

The four aces are shuffled and one of the aces is shown and noted clearly and set on the table alone.

The spectator is absolutely convinced the card on the table is what it is.

A second ace is positively shown and place precisely and cleanly just under the first ace with just a third of the card under the top card.

Everything is what it appears to be no doubt yet the magician states that the bottom ace will move to the top position and the top ace will magically move to the bottom position without coming anywhere near the cards.

The cards will switch places while not touching them nor going anywhere near them.

Without any movement at all the magician claims the magic has happened and to take it to another level instead of moving the second ace moving to the top of the tabled cards, it has magically moved to the top of the other two aces.

Both aces are now shown in the magician’s hand and the tabled aces are shown to be the other two aces.

A total jaw dropper.

This is a complete surprise to the spectator.

As a stand-alone effect with just the four cards or this routine works great after producing the four aces in say “Ace Triumph” and a good follow up to this one is “Magic Pistol” then an ace assembly routine as a finale.

That would be a showcase in itself.

That’s one of the things I love about magic.

Taking different effects and threading them together in a fuller presentation and demonstrating a variety of effects, one more impossible than the last.

This one you must have.

There are other handlings but I believe this is the cleanest and most convincing.