Nine Matches


Author : Attillio

Nine Matches

Two packet of nine cards are shown.

One is selected by the spectator and they are handed the packet to shuffle.

 The magician then takes the shuffled packet and explains that the order of the cards are random but with a wave of the hand can order them perfect.

That is how it would be expected to be done but the magician explains he has something better to accomplish.

The cards are shown to be an ace and eight spot cards now giving you a perfect straight flush of nine cards.

The spectator chooses how the cards are mixed and the cards are spread to clearly show their random order.

Now the deck that was not chosen has been set aside but still always in clear view avoiding any possible switching with the packet.

Those cards are then clearly dealt in the same line up as the selected shuffled, random ordered packet.

Each one is in the exact same position with both orders matching.

All nine match.

Nine Matches

A fantastic effect everyone should learn.