Mixed Dressing


Author : Attillio

Mixed Dressing

This is a nice oil and water handling that would work as a stand alone effect or as part of a series of oil and water effects.

The cool thing with this version of the oil and water plot, the cards are visual lace surprise ending.

Eight cards are show.

Four red and four black.

The red cards are clearly shown face up and set apart as its own packet.

The four black cards are clearly shown and placed faced down on top of the tabled face up red cards.

A magical gesture is made while the pile is untouched and sitting in full view.  

One finger is used to spread the cards.

All eight cards visually appear laced alternating red cards face up with a face down card in between each face up red card.

The spectator removes each face down card.

Each one is a black card.

All cards are examined.

Only eight are used.

Combine this with Catapult Change and Jazz Dressing and you will have a nice spotlight showcase routine with just eight cards.

Beautiful classic card magic.