Marlo Miracle


Author : Attillio

Marlo Miracle

You shuffle the cards and cut the cards before handing the cards to the spectator to do the same.

The Spectator Shuffles the deck then gives them a cut.

Nothing funny totally mixed deck no prearranged order.

You then pick up the deck and remove a prediction card.

Leaving it face down on the table in full view you riffle the cards and cut them exactly where the spectator stops you.

This packet is set on the table.

You have the spectator select three cut packets in total.

Each a completely different amount of cards and locations where they are taken.

Every that has happened is recapped to emphasize the obvious fairness.

Your prediction is revealed but all the credit is given to the spectator because they stopped you at the exact locations of the other 3 matching cards.

Very clever very slick.

Can be done with any deck 

Great impromtu magic

Love this one