Joker Jump


Author : Attillio


Two Jokers (or a two of a kind) are removed from the deck and set aside while a card is selected.

Anyone can shuffle the unprepared deck of cards.

Can be a borrowed deck.

A card is freely chosen, shown clearly and placed half way in the pack at the lower quarter of the full deck.

Then the Jokers are placed together into the top quarter sticking out of the deck. 

The cards are spread to show the obvious separation between the selected cards and the two Jokers.

The deck is squared but the 3 cards remain sticking out of the deck.

They are all pushed square with the deck and a single card pops out the other end.

When the cards are spread again the Jokers now have a single card between them.

The card is removed to reveal the selected card.

A beautiful visual effect using the sandwich plot.

Can be done anytime with any deck.

Truly impromptu and really good.