The Number Trick

Here is a great effect to carry with you all the time. Put the card in your wallet, put the card in your purse and you are always ready to entertain with a fantastic routine. Very engaging and completely baffling. No one will know how you did it. They will be amazed and will wonder how in the heck were you able to know the number they are merely thinking of.

A classic taken to an original level. Printed on a credit card size card makes this convenient, practical and one of the most amazing tricks anyone can learn to perform. Watch the video tutorial to understand the secret, the structure of the presentation and most importantly HOW to engage your audience.

The Number Trick can be performed in any situation. Packs flat plays big. Works great with just one person or an entire audience. It has everything you want in something intriguing, interesting and absolutely amazing.

Magic is so much to learn and our School of Secrets is filled with amazing magic anyone can do. Theatre Magic School of Secrets have been inside Universal Studios and Walt Disney World for over 15 years teaching people who have never performed a magic trick how to do the coolest most amazing effects anyone 9 years or older can perform.

Magic is so much fun to learn. We have a library filled with incredible magic that you will enjoy.

Theatre Magic is know for our method of instruction. We have a signature follow along format, giving the student a wonderful pathway of discovery. Our passion for teaching you will be evident with every lesson.

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The Slinky Deck

The Slinky Deck

This makes a great stocking stuffer or a great addition to any gift basket you put together. Whoever receives The Slinky Deck will have difficulty putting it down once they see how easy it is to demonstrate the seemingly expert card flourish effect The Slinky Deck brings.

Enjoy this great novelty deck.

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