Number Trick

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Author : Attillio

The Number Trick

Spectator is asked to merely think of any number between 1- 63.

You then hand them the number card and have a laugh together, as you reveal many ridiculous, funny bits about the number they are just simply thinking of.

Finally, to everyone’s complete surprise…..You reveal the exact number.

Everyone’s jaw hits the floor and you leaved everyone amazed every time you perform this.

Put this in your wallet and carry the Number Trick card with you everywhere.

🙂🙏🏼 You’re Welcome.

This is a great magic effect to carry in your wallet so you are always ready to perform the most amazing mind-reading routine.

When you are at a party, at dinner with family, meeting a client for lunch, in any social setting this is a fun magic routine to present. It is simple, engaging and absolutely amazing.

The tutorial will explain the method, secret details and the best tips to build your presentation and make it fully entertaining.