Fantastic Four



Fantastic Four

This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

A deck is shuffled and shown to be in a total random order.

The deck is then spread face down on a table or hand to hand.

A location is selected by the specator and the card is upjogged from the deck and the spectaor can select a card from either side of this upjogged card.

That selection is also upjogged with the other and two more selections are made.

The spectator removes the selections from the deck.

A small packet of enevelopes are seen from the begining and one is removed.

It has a question mark on it to distinguish it from the others.

It is explain that what is inside will answer the magicians questions.

But first the spectator is asked a few.

Do you have any duplicate cards? I.E. same value different suit, like 2 fours.

Do you have any curt cards?

Once the initial questions are answered the magician can proceed to reveal an amazing discovery prooving an absolute impossiblilty in an unfathomable way.

Strong, strong ,strong but very easy to perform.

So many clever details in this tutorial to baffle the mind more.