Card Conjuror Volume One Sampler




This is just the sampler but…..

the complete Card Conjuror Course of Magic Volume One includes:

  • video turorials to 75 of the foundational basic skills of every card magician, a live weekly session with Q&A and 50 incredible effects that include eye popping openers, ridiculous closers and everything in between.
  • Vital details that change the game for anyone who has the desire to learn.
  • The first volume will equip you with the tools to get you exactly where you want to be in a short time.
  • 50 complete card magic routines
  • Weekly live Session
  • Weekly Jam Session with Q & A and your opportunity to show the class what your learning

Each Complete Volume from the Card Conjuror Course of Magic Volume Series contains 75 basic skills along with 50 card routines.

When you complete volume one of this Card Conjuror Series, you will have better skills then most card magicians in history.

Work on one skill a day from this sampler then practice that move until you have.

Should work on each one for at least 15 minutes.

Full course is 13 weeks and is only $97 and then you have complete access to all the material from then on.

After the first volume you will have everything you need to construct multiple shows using the card magic you learn. This course will pay for itself after getting hired for your first show.


Let’s get started!

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