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Wonder Wand

Wonder Wand

I remember when I first at a performance¬†of the dancing cane. I was confounded and couldn’t understand how it was possible. You now have everything to perform this amazing effect and included in the instructions are many effects to build your routine with.

The prop is an original design lighting up the cane and illuminating the effect. If you have not seen our Wonder Light, this would be a great way to begin and move into the Wonder Wand.

Don’t get frustrated at first because it will take you a little practice to get the knack of dancing the cane back and forth with confidence. Continue to develop your skill so that you have full control of the Wand.

There is a lot to learn. Get the wand string in the right location to ensure its accurate performance and work through each phase. Learn them well and you will have a complete routine of incredible effects to perform to music on any stage, street or dance floor.

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