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Johann Nepomuck Hofzinser is The Father Of Card Magic. To this day all great card magicians use the methods of Hofzinser. When he performed for kings and queens his repertoire included the Svengali System. This set up enables the performer an interesting advantage.

This is such a great routine with this deck. We have performed this for millions of people and always received a great response even when we explained it was a trick deck of cards.

Learn the basics well. It’s all you’ll need to perform this entertaining demonstration. The opening series of effect with the two cards ” one for me, one for you” is not to be underestimated. This will get gasps when the cards actually change places at the end of this series of effects with the two cards.

The Rub-A-Dub vanish is another stunning moment in the routine. Our reason for the vanish has a perfect motivation, climaxing with an eye-popping surprise.

So many effects you can do with the Svengali. We feel this is the best routine constructed with the deck so now it’s yours to learn.

The difference is in the details and I’m a stickler for them so it’s important you understand to push your practice to get the positions just right, the timing and execution of each move just right.

Practice, Practice, and practice every day. Don’t rush to perform. Take your time to enjoy the practice sessions. Build the daily habit to practice magic because it”s relaxing, rewarding and delivers you to a place most don’t reach. It just takes that extra effort to have something truly spectacular.

The Svengali is a classic great of all times. I’ve fooled magicians with it many times and they never knew I was using the Svengali deck. LOL

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