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Kardtoon Kid


Kardtoon Kid

An absolutely fantastic trick to leave a lasting impression.

Doesn’t matter who you show this one to, they will love it, remember it and tell others about what they saw you do with the card they simply named.

So many times I’ve overheard people explaining what they witnessed when Kardtoon Kid was performed for them. It’s just one of those tricks that leaves that level of impression.

Kardtoon Kid makes for great conversation. Works in any close-up situations and is great for when you just meet someone. An excellent follow up to a quick opener and sets you up for your devastating closer. That’s how I would build that into a set.

Learn the moves and handling until you are completely comfortable. Do not rush through the performance or you will not execute the handling cleanly enough.

None of it is difficult but to really pay it forward, attention to the details matters.

You have a true great one here.

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