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Coin in the Bottle


Coin in the Bottle

Borrowed Coin and Borrowed Bottle……Can’t get better than this.

Here is our handling version that will astound everyone. The coin in the bottle is just one of those effects that completely perplexes the mind because of its quick, clean impossibility.

The coin also gives you the advantage of other effects like taking a bite out of a borrowed coin. Just this alone is great. Borrow a coin, execute the shuttle pass (taught here) and go into a routine with the borrowed coin. Extend the magic with multiple tricks with the borrowed coin. Add the bottle and then finish the set with our Magic Coin Box. After getting the coin in the bottle then removed, have someone sign the coin and finish with signed coin in an impossible location. I.E. Magic Coin Box in a casual setting or Spellbinding Boxes for a more formal presentation.

Putting it all together like that not only makes an impact….it makes it memorable.
They will never forget you.

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