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Magic Shop Memories

Magic Shop Memories

Memories of wandering through a magic shop stocked with variety.

There are still brick and mortar magic shops with some of the old school features that allows you to browse through the displays, collections and selections of the trade props, gimmicks and mechanisms.

Some shops have nice branding with new approaches to the retail experience, and some have separate performance rooms, party space and jam session areas.

This is great for magic because if offers a connection to a local community.

Somewhere to find a new effect, get a new book to read, DVD to watch and everything just fires up the engines of imagination.

Just a fun experiencing looking through every shelf.

Seeing things I’ve heard about, considering a few items to purchase, seeing things I already own or not something I would get but it all interests me.

Looking with razor focus so not one thing is missed.

Checking the floors entire stock is noted and nothing to be missed.

Do you have any fond memories of a magic shop visit?