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New sessions weekly, new complete classes in a kit are coming out monthly and new courses are launched every quarter.

The course coming next to Theatre Magic is The Card Conjurer.

A 13 week course for anyone who wants to develop card magic.

If you are slightly interested, there will be a promotional FREE version you can check out.

You will not believe what you are going to learn, how you will learn and all the people that are going to say WTF?!! when they see you perform the effects you will learn. LOL

Just crazy good stuff.

This will be available in the next week or two.

Just stay tuned.

And remember, every Monday night we have a live broadcast on our Facebook page TheatreMagic.

I’m very excited to meet my students.

Save your seat and gain access to learn the valuable fundamentals of performing card magic, the effects that will immediately leave a lasting impression and a solid foundation that opens and (most importantly) the one factor that will transform you as a card magician.

Looking forward to spending time with you, sharing these special secrets with you and helping  you at every step.

Best way to stay in touch is follow me on Facebook.com/TheatreMagic