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Discover Magic

What have you recently discovered?

Please put it in the comments. 

I would love to hear what you have recently discovered.

I’m curious. 

Discovery is like magic.

Magic is a discovery.

It’s so cool, so much fun, even learning simple, clever methods.

There are so many fascinating layers of magic to discover.

It’s like a discovery at every turn.

Discovery is so satisfying, don’t you agree?

There is a real sense of something special when you have discoveries.

There are discoveries small and large every day.

Even when it comes to yourself.

Discover yourself with magic.

Magic is an interesting teacher because you not only learn these incredible methods but also the human distinctions.

How people respond, how to get the response you want and directing what seems to be an organic, casual engagement into these responses that become the treasure.

The treasure of these priceless reactions.

They are awesome to capture with film and photographs.

Slow it way down focused on the response when wonder first enters the minds of the spectators.

Can you see it?

Can you visualize it in your mind right now?


Magic is pretty powerful in the human experience.

Let me show you some cool stuff.

Check out my Secret Sessions online at TheatreMagic.com

Discover Magic

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