This is one of my prize patented gimmicks that take the ability of producing to a level the magic world has never had before.

There are so many different ways to produce the light and effects that can be done with the wonderful gimmick design. The fin on the back of the gimmick along with the tail on the back gives you the opportunity to reposition your grips and palms making it very easy to not only project the light appearance in a variety of ways but also because of these different methods of concealments the audience will be watching your amazing presentation while wondering how your hands appear seemingly empty.

Pay close attention to these different ways of holding, finger gripping and projection palming the gimmicks. Learning the details in these various positions is what is going to make your presentation look natural and relaxed and that is the goal you want to reach.

Naturalness is the goal to all magic. Tension will draw attention and distract the spectators trust.
Practice is the answer to reaching the goal.
Watch the video multiple times to get clear on every detail work on them and you will have an incredible skill set that will bring wonder to everyone you show.

Module 1 WonderLight
Unit 1 Wonder Light