Three different size ropes are handed to the audience to examined to ensure the ropes are free from any gimmicks, gizmos or gadgets. They are held together in one hand and the ends are all brought together. A magical gesture is all it takes for the ropes to transform visually without any hesitation. Each on is now clearly shown and displayed to be exactly the same length. Each rope is identical in size yet just a second ago there was a short length, a medium length and a very long length. The ends are knotted together and the rope is bundled in one hand to be tossed into the air and on its return, the rope is untied to be handed out once again to an audience stunned to see that each rope has returned to its original size. one short, one medium and one long. This class offers a really nice handling of a classic mystery. This will play anywhere for any audience and also works well to music.

Beautiful, visual and classic magic

Module 1 ProfessorsNightmare
Unit 1 Professors Nightmare