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What have you recently celebrated?

Very interested to hear from you. 

Comment below. 

There is so much to celebrate.

I love a celebratory atmosphere.

A Wedding, a birthday…The Super Bowl!

People getting together for the purpose of celebrating can be some of your best memories. 

Let me share something personal with you.

I started celebrating the whole month of August every year started about 20 years ago.

It’s my birth month.

Just turned 60. 

I really look forward to August every year.

Only a few people know that I treat every day in the month of August like a birthday-day.

My birthday is the 19th, so it sits near the middle and gives me half the month to enjoy before the big day. lol

Then after my birthday, things continue sort of like the first half of the month.

There are highlights every year and wonderful memories starting on the first day of August with something special and on the 31st to celebrate one last toast.

This past August was another incredible month.

I wanted to share that because we should all celebrate ourselves regularly.

Set a date and celebrate yourself that whole day!

Each one of us is unique and to actually be alive is crazy when you really think about a lifespan in the vast eternity. 

Just the fact you are here. 

I think I heard the odds of you being alive is 400 trillion to one. 

Don’t let the world dictate your value. 

It will rob you of experiencing the celebration. 

Yup…the world is filled with party poopers. 

There is so much to celebrate each day.

I designed a place to celebrate daily. 

When I designed The Great Magic Hall, my vision was a celebration of magic and it’s tremendous effects, fascinating stories and legendary masters.

The place is really cool and there are so many additions and details planned for the coming season.

When visiting Orlando, Florida

Come and celebrate with us at The Great Magic Hall.

We have shows daily.

You’ll love it.

Come celebrate and come be amazed! 

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