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08/20/2018 Special

The Monday Night Magic Special 08/20/2018


(landing page special changes weekly)

Number one I’ve got a great giveaway, number two I got a selection of specials, number three we’re going to get into some details that make a difference, number four I have a very very important question, so I have a question for you very important. 

Welcome to the Monday Night Magic Special.

Hey guys thanks for joining the broadcast, thank you so much for joining, my name is Attillio of Theatre Magic, let’s get the party started. 

You guys ready for this, a complete class in the kit, let’s get into this first effect. 

I remember when I first learned the paddle move, if you guys know what the paddle move is, ok you know that there’s a lot of effects that are based off of the paddle move. 

There’s variations on the handling and this class is a perfect introduction to someone to paddle magic.

Number one, the effect is strong, it’s great, it’s quick, like this video it’s one minute long you’ll see it, it’s one minute, it’s a great routine, it’s got some really nice phases ok. 

So let’s take a look at it, here it is ‘Hot Rod’

Here’s another classic ‘Hot Rod’ check it out, got a magic stick here that’s got different colors, pick a number from one to six doesn’t matter which number they pick let’s say they say four so will count ONE TWO, THREE, FOUR see there’s a red color in that position, its actually a red on this side. 

Watch what happens when I take the stick, snap my fingers, give it a spin and it changes into a red stick, the color red. 

Alright so to get it back let me just pass it through once, twice, three and on the fourth time you’ll notice that the colors reappear on the stick and on both sides right. 

Let me just give that a little shake, there we go perfect and then we have both sides. 

So that’s the ‘hot rod’ carry that one in your pocket, great, classic close up magic.

So that’s the ‘Hot Rod’,  what’s cool about this first of all it goes over the positioning of the paddle where to put the paddle to make it very easy for you to do it because I see a lot of cheaters when they do the paddle move and it’s because they don’t know the correct position where the paddle  lies on their fingertips. 

So once you get that then you’re going to take your paddle magic to another level because you’ll know exactly how to place it on these two fingers right here with your thumb on top so that there’s minimal movement, there’s no frustration and the effect is very seamless, you’ll fool yourself. 

I remember doing this for myself for the first and it’s like when you’re watching yourself and you get that move it’s so good that it fools yourself when you watch yourself.

Now there are a couple other things in there, where some details in showing the paddle and this is a great one for you when you want to do something quick, a quick opener you carry it in your pocket, routine is quick, it’s a great way to get quick engagement, it’s not drawn out, it’s easy to follow and there’s some really slick moves. 

All you gotta do is go to bit.ly/weeklymagicspecial. 

Listen to this, when had the rhinestones, when I was young they had the rhinestone one, this one has a foil, it’s like a holographic foil and it’s great because of the shape of the paddle, I love the paddle shape for this especially for a beginner and that’s why I put this in. 

I got this really nice one, I got a special price you get the full class,we ship it to you and you’re also going to receive another ‘hot rod’. 

So you get two ‘Hot Rods’, you get the one that’s in it and you get the one with the rhinestone, both, you have two of them. 

These are complete classes in a kit they come with all the props.

I want to show you this next one, this is another classic close up affect, fits in your pocket. 

Guys if you get like a little bag, a little camera bag you can put a complete show inside because you know a lot of people do card tricks people like to see things with different props. 

This one is very cool I’m going to show you the Ball Tube, a classic, it’s got the silver tube and the silver bulb like it’s a bulbarian. I teach moves in this class that are not taught anywhere and have never been taught, there’s a lot of original handling in this routine that you are about see. 

Its  a two minute demo check it out and see if you can see any of the original handlings in, watch how I get into them.

This is a real classic in magic it’s called the Ball Tube, done with a steel tube and a steel ball and you see this ball it sits on top of this tube so it’s just the right diameter that the ball can sit on top. 

Now you can have people examine the ball and the tube at any time you can be ready to do this effect. 

Now check this out I’m going to just simply waive that tube and ball around and as you can see the ball mysteriously melt down into the tube it gets smaller and smaller but it doesn’t drop all the way through. 

Now I can reverse it and have it come back to the top of the tube like this, so it just sits right at the top like that now watch this, at an instant I can make that ball shrink in size so it drops right through the tube and as you can see the ball passes through so it’s no longer able to sit on top of that tube, no matter how many times I try. 

But if I blow on the ball, give it a little roll, it will sit right back on top just like. 

Now here’s something really cool let me blow into this and put the ball back inside and it goes back inside the tube you can also blow on it like this and make the ball and tube disappear completely. 

That’s the mystery of the ball and tube, its  a classic in magic, comes with a DVD shows you the entire routine, has all the prop and all the details to perform this amazing effect.

Pretty cool right the ball and tube. Now this is a really nice close up piece of magic and I’ve got to walk around version that wasn’t in that demonstration which is going to come with it. 

I have something else for you so that ball and tube there are some handling techniques that are not taught anywhere and especially how I get into it because you can hand out the tube and the ball at the beginning, you take it back you go right into it, so I have a very slick way of showing a gimmick. 

I have some interesting handlings with this, I have a walk around version in the hand so you don’t need a table or anything. I’m going to give you that version, let’s look at this next effect this one here is going to come with an additional handling, this is another classic. This is very strong and this would work great as a spotlighted effect in a close up show it’s called Wild Card, check this out. 

Here’s a great pocket  trick, you carry in your pocket it’s called the Wild Card, it’s done with nine cards. 

This is the wild card here the Queen of Hearts so what we’ll do is we’ll place, we will place these nines face down, place a nine face up next to this face down well each face down card gets a nine and we’re left with this very wild queen of hearts, watch her go, get out, through the river through the woods, it changes into a queen. 

I put this nine face down between these two queens and voila it changes, take this queen give it a rub, it changes, take this nine put it face down in between it changes, give this one a rub like this on the table, actually let me just touch it like that, it will change it, it will  change it. Put this one in between and it changes, it changes just like that.

Awesome, great pocket magic at its best so that’s the wildcard. Now this is a really cool handling, all the cards change I remember seeing this when I first got into magic anybody out here do wild card you go to bit.ly/weeklymagicspecial, every week the link stays the same but the page that it goes to changes, the special is there.

Let’s look at our next one, now this next one, this is in every magic kit like cups and balls  right. Before I started packaging these nobody was packaging an extra ball, the reason why I like this ball and vase is because first of all it’s the ball, it’s the gimmick and the ball, the ball is solid, it’s not hollow like the ones that you see in a lot of the kits. 

This one is solid and it comes with two balls because there are some great things that you can do with a two ball ball vase . 

So let’s go into it, check it out, here it is the classic ball and vase.

This is a ball vase inside is a little ball and here we have the vase, take this ball place in my hand, get my magic wand give it a tap and delicious oh. 

You must get that out it’s called a nose pop, you compress the ball to place it up into the nostrils before you blow it up or else it’s very painful. 

We’re going to take the ball place it into my hand like this, snap my fingers it travels from my hand and down here into the little ball. Here we will try something else, I’ll place it in my back pocket, snap my fingers and the ball put comes right back. 

Now there’s a little a button on the top of the vase so if I just give it a little push the ball travels right through, everything is totally examinable and this when you can pass out for everybody to examine. 

See that ball and vase there is a lot of cool things about that, this class has a lot of great techniques with using misdirection, offbeat handling, the wand and how to use the wand and how it works really well keeping your hands very natural classic palms, finger palm. 

There’s so much in this class, it’s not just a ball and vase there’s a lot of stuff that’s in there that will help you with, with all your magic because you’ll see that the construction of the routine.

I have one more and I tried to mix it up and I a put a couple, a lot of variety here. 

This is a great one at a birthday party and you give out the money, just watch the routine and think about this because you could, teachers use this, there are so many ways to use it. 

Its called the Money Machine but there are so many ways to use this classic gimmick, check it out.

Here’s a great trick it’s called The Money Machine I am going to take this white piece of paper, place it inside a money machine as I role it through you’ll notice that it begins to print a distinct color of green, it prints a brand new one dollar bill, how about that. 

Let’s try that again I got another piece of paper lets see if I get another bill, I’ll role it through and viola yes indeed another bill is printed. Now if you have any monopoly money at home just take the Monopoly money and place it inside and it will print your Monopoly money so that you can go to the mall and  shop to your heart’s content.

That little gizmo right there, so visual for somebody that’s never seen it before it’s amazing, the paper turns into a real bill, can load that thing so many different ways and there’s so many different routines that you can actually do with it and you don’t have to print out money you can take paper that’s the same size as a bill and put it like a problem and then you put it through and then the problem is solved. 

Great for a teacher, like a math teacher you can put the math problem with the question mark and then the person answers the question and you put it through and it comes out with the end, it doesn’t have to be with money but definitely the money is cool. Now you can use that as a giveaway.

I learned some really cool stuff to share with you guys next week I’m looking forward to it, every week we have a weekly special a lot of magic, a lot of things to choose from and thank you guys for joining me tonight, thank you for joining I appreciate you coming in, this is fun really appreciate it guys. 

You guys have a great week, if you have any questions I’ll be glad to answer them. 

Did you like that rope, that triple double last week, I love that routine man, I’ve been playing with that all week and I’ve learned a couple more effects so that you can do the silk on rope open. 

Next week going I am going to show you an effect that you can do with the silk after it appears on the rope, that’s really good it’s a three phase routine. 

One more rope effect that I’m going to share next week if you haven’t seen the Attillio Effect that’s a very strong, I had a lot of people that got that effect last week and they’ve been doing it, it’s so strong really is a great effect slip within the reach of anybody here. 

It’s fun putting these together, I’ll see you guys next week.