My signature method of instruction will change your magic performance completely.

The Only All-In-One Magic Video Club Designed For You To…

Perform More Often

With 100’s Of Time Tested Effects

That Have A Solid Strong Impact

And Keep Your Audience Talking Every Time 


Weekly Live Online Lessons & New Magic Routines Added To The Magic Video Library Every Week

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Learn to be a confident, natural and relaxed, polished performer.


 Stop wasting time with information that doesn’t help you develop your ability to perform magic.


Perform mesmerizing, captivating and astonishing magic with the perfect polish, magical touches and craftiness of a pro.


Whether you have been interested in magic for a while or just getting started,


Now is your turn to bring a special experience of wonder to others whenever you want.

Increased dexterity and coordination with your hands and fingers quicker.

Improved ability to manipulate and control objects easily.

Heightened awareness of timing, pace and misdirection.

Enhanced creativity and imagination in developing new tricks.

Greater understanding of human psychology and how to manipulate perception.



YouTube videos do not address the real issues you face when learning how to perform magic.

These are the vital fundamentals you are lacking to improve your magic skills more fluently.

Don’t waste another penny on magic until you experience my signature method of instruction.


These methods have developed over many, many years,

will change your magic performances completely

because you will be at a totally different level.

The Magician Tonight

Improved public speaking and performance skills.

Increased confidence in front of an audience.

Better understanding of theatrical elements such as lighting, sound, and costume.

Improved problem-solving skills to troubleshoot performance issues.

Increased knowledge of history and traditions of magic, as well as other performers and their techniques.

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Increased social skills and the ability to interact with people from all walks of life.

Improved memory and concentration.

Improved fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Improved communication skills, including non-verbal communication.

Increased self-discipline and perseverance.


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Improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

Increased ability to handle pressure and perform under stress.

Improved attention to detail and the ability to notice small things.

Increased patience and the ability to wait for the right moment.

Increased adaptability and the ability to adjust to unexpected situations.

A Complete Magic Video Library

Plus Live Weekly Sessions Online

Also New Magic Video Tutorials Added Weekly

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Completely change the way you approach

learning magic, practice magic, and performing magic.

Learn my signature methods of applying these powerful strategic principles

The Magic Room Triple Shadowbox
  • Learn  “practice sessions” to quickly improve your skills and sleight of hand
  • Learn performance routines that will always receive great reactions from your audience.
  • Learn the fundamentals that will provide a clearer understanding of how magic impacts an audience
  • Receive access to the material you need to produce many magic shows
  • Learn how to prepare yourself to be completely confident and show performance ready
  • Receive weekly live teaching sessions
  • Receive new magic video tutorials weekly
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Own The Magic Show Builder Blueprint Of Astonishments

each magic video library suite is filled with magic content and will continue updating with more each week

access every magic video library suite below

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Inside Theatre Magic
Magic Monthly 2022
Secrets of Conjuring
secrets vip black
The Tarbell Treasure
The Fitzkee Files
The Artist Showcase
Houdini Hofzinser Houdin
The Show & Tell Magician
Spy Before You Buy
The Monday Night Magic Special
the great magic giveaway
The Great Magic Hall

​Here is a list of suites below and each suite has video collections with a simple description to give the basic idea of what’s inside

Secrets of Conjuring

The Secrets of Conjuring & Magic Volume One

This one has the replays of the live lessons for the classes included with volume one.

Levitator, Sponge Balls, Svengali, Magician’s Assistant, Wonder Light,  Wonder Bubble


secrets vip black

VIP Secrets Suite

These are the live replays from all the other classes inside The Artist Suite.

There is so much incredible value having access to both The Artist Suite & The Secrets Suite…MEGA!!


The Ambassador Suite

Holy Moly! This suite is loaded with so many great routines. You could have a different show for every day of the week.

These are time tested classics that are great to learn, practice and perform.

The Tarbell Treasure

The Tarbell Treasure

Every magician has The Tarbell Course in Magic. This is a tribute to this incredible collection we still love.

This suite is filled with showcase, spotlight, show stoppers. You will treasure every golden nugget inside.

The Fitzkee Files

The Fitzkee Files

This is all about the frame and the many applications, fundamentals and methods that must be understood for effective performance.

We deep dive into award winning acts and how they were structured to captivate the world.

Houdini Hofzinser Houdin

Houdini Hofsinzer Houdin

The three fathers of modern magic. They made such an impact of every magical performer.

We take a look at their lives and the magic they performed. 


The Artist Suite

These are all the digital files from our product line. The complete class in a kit.

These are so valuable in so many ways. Learn all the magic you would get from a magic shop. These are all those classics but with a twist.


The Secret Agenda

A rollodex of all the sleights you need to learn. Variations, applications and methhod details that make a difference.

This is a reference for learning slieght of hand.  You will improve much more quickly and became proficient with many props.


Historical Collectable

These classic props are demonstrated and taken apart for your viewing pleasure. 

These pieces are fun to perform with, incredible in every way and are fascinating to see how the work.

The Artist Showcase

The Artist Showcase

A look at the magic lines and the artist’s that inspired them.

Here you will not only be fascinated by their magic but you will see their signature style to them all.


The Network Suite

This suite had to happen. I had so much material I wanted to share and need more space to put the content.

This suite is filled with separate programs and each program has many episodes. You will be visiting this one a lot.

Spy Before You Buy

Spy Before You Buy

Take a sneak peek at clever products on the market. See how well they are made and how they operates.

This is an excellent introduction to the effects you see advertised that you may now purchase.

The Show & Tell Magician

The Show & Tell Magician

The routines taught, are performed and taught by the magician who performs the material in their show.

Learn the switches, the ditches and the steals in a structure with every thought explained.


After The Show

Magicians share thoughts about their magic, their methods and their show.

Also and more importantly, they share all the stories in between.

the conjurer's club vip monthly

The Conjurer’s Club VIP Program

Special Price $10.00 monthly

regularly $14.00

Lock in the sale price – Cancel Anytime

Full Access Entire VIP Magic Video Library

New Magic Videos Added Every Week

All & Every Online Live Exclusive VIP Sessions

Total Access Monthly

the conjurer's club vip monthly

The Conjurer's Club VIP Plus

Only $8.33 a month – billed annually – $100

Regular Price $168.00 ($14.00 a month)

Full Access Entire VIP Magic Video Library

New Magic Videos Added Every Week

All & Every Online Live Exclusive VIP Sessions

Total Access Annually

Master Key VIP

Master Key VIP

$497.00 one payment only

Total Access Lifetime VIP Member 

The Entire Theatre Magic Video Library

Weekly Live Stream

all VIP suites & all VIP programs

New Magic Videos Added Every Week


plus 5 sessions – one on one coaching ($375.00 value) included


The Conjurer Convention Full Registration In Orlando Florida