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 Testing one, two. Okay. Both sounds are on. This is cool how we have two dual sound. Yeah. A first, this is gonna give us a little practice for our, well, what’s good about this is the quick setup. That’s what you want. Mm-hmm. Looks like I got the lighting in the back if I need it. If I wanted to. It’s a quick set.

Yeah. So we’re we, we’ve upgraded for 2023. That’s good. Okay. I think what we could do is we could take the theater magic and instead of invites, Mm-hmm. We can put presents like our normal, traditional and then we can move it to the right and bring the magic show up. Oh, shoot. Like a little, yeah. Gimme a second.

I gotta figure out where all these layers are. Oh, here it’s okay. So this kind of like over to the right and like down here you think? Yeah. Like that. And then move that group up. Keeping the hat centered. Yeah. You, you could even go. Towards the sea, you know, to the end of the sea. Yeah. And then kind of position it to the right.

And you wanted to say, presents not invites you. Yeah. Mm-hmm. And make that much like small. That’ll give us also more room there. Yeah. Coffee, juice. Yeah. You gotta, there you go. So that can be shrunk down that whole thing. The theater magic and presents. So you can make presents like a hundred percent smaller.

And Theater Magic 50%, you know, like take presents and double shrink that. Can you do ’em separately? I can, but I have to separate these layers and I’d rather get the other Okay. Uh, sort of like fixes from you first. You can go smaller. Doesn’t have to be large or dominant. Yeah. So this way the magic show is dominant.

Mm-hmm. And theater magic presents is smaller. You want smaller this to be higher. Yeah. The whole, there you go. See this way you can bring it to the top, the whole thing. Mm-hmm. And then you can, you can give some lift off from the hat. You could even make the magic show a little bit bigger now because of that space.

Yeah, yeah. There you go. Yeah. And then we can lower that into the flame. Okay, cool. Let’s hold that there. That’s. Almost perfect right now. Fuck. That’s a huge difference. That’s good. Okay, so then we’re gonna take that whole qr, that whole section to the bottom. We’re gonna make it smaller. Just gonna take it down 25% in size, just just to give the hat and the wand more room to breathe.

We find that for some reason Oh yeah. So this smaller. Yeah. Yeah. Take that down. It’s 25%. It’ll give us more word space. There you go. And then you can carry it over to the left. See? There you go. Yeah. See, now we can take all the font. Mm-hmm. Shrink it all down. And the font here. I think we gotta start with, I think we gotta lead with the Salon of Secret instead of the heart of historic psychology.

Okay. Yeah. Mm-hmm. And I think it’s, the Salon Secrets has to go under the hat all the way across. Oh yeah. And it’s gotta be almost part of that upper part. So you almost have like a line under that, that that is kind of lit. So it comes off of the page a little bit. Okay. Wait, wait. I’m not sure what you’re talking about now.

I, I know I’m using a visual and trying to put it in words, but imagine that that top part. From the Solana Secrets up. Mm-hmm. Had a line that separated. So now that’s the divide line. That’s that, yeah. Okay. And then you had all this other part underneath it. Could we make it a different tone? I’m sorry? Is the divider line below Solana Secrets or Above?

Yeah, below. Okay. So Solana Secrets is under the hat, but But part of the upper portion. Yeah. And what we need to do is we need to bring the QR code down. So that we can drop the salon of secrets and give the hat more room, more room to breathe because we’re right on it. Let me get some kind of dividing here.

Uh, That’s just a marker. I’ll make that look better later. I just wanna put something in place there. And this goes down. Yeah, it goes down. And then you can bring the Solana secrets down. This is gonna look great. It’s already getting me juiced. Oh, it’s gonna look good, dude. And then this stuff here. Yeah.

See how we, how much room we have with tickets. Uhhuh, I think what I’d like to put is tickets, map, and you know, like multiple things. One under each one? Mm-hmm. Like. Uh, information, map, tickets, arrow, all that inside the arrow, you know? Yeah, that, I’d like to try that and see what that looks like. It might not work, but it’s, that’s really all the information, like in a line or stacked.

I think it should be map tickets and, what else did I say? Map tickets, information, info. There you go. Info map dot, you know, map bullet tickets, bullet info, and then put that in the arrow. Yep. There, there needs to be a black bullet between each one. Yeah, I gotta get those separately. There you go. Okay. So then you can make that arrow smaller because it’s, it’s that gold color.

And the salon secrets looks like it’s a different color. Does it match the, uh, magic show up there? Uh, it does. I just made this arrow a little bit darker that it didn’t want to be like too bright and draw too much attention to it. Okay, so what, well, we could definitely take it down in size. Right, because it’s gonna be seen at any sign.

But keep the length, oh yeah, yeah. Hang on. See? And then in this way you can almost use it as an underlying of the whole text, the above it, and even take that down. And cuz you still have to put the heart of the historic district. See, that looks fabulous. Oh, that looks great, dude. Oh my God, that is so good.

All right, so now we can take. Casa and the, there you go. And, and even make it smaller. Oh, I see. I’d leave that, I’d leave that where it was. Yeah. Cuz then this way you can give room for the, you know, space between the two and witness. And now we just take all of that, that box text, Uhhuh, you know, Casa and address and we’re gonna shrink it down.

Okay. We’re gonna make it smaller in size. Oh shit. Oh. I’m trying all this other controlled key. Yeah, there you go. Oh, I see. Oh no, I got this turned off. I gotta, all right. Yeah, see cuz you can still read it. Yeah. Right. And so you can park that center, center that with the arrow, like on the arrow body or, I think it should be center cuz it, we have too much black space over on the other side.

So just center it and bring it down as close to the arrow as you can. Mm-hmm. Right. Okay. That’s good. Now we have room to center the uh, uh, the heart of the historic district. Right. Put right in the heart of the, on the top here? Yeah. Okay. And you can go as wide as the mat, uh, as, as wide as the arrow on that.

Yeah. Right. Let me see here. I’m just gonna copy this because like, the color of it. Oh my goodness. And then we’ll bring down the size to, its previous 18. This is great, man. The heart of the historic district. District, yeah. Right, right. In the heart of the historic district or the very heart. The very heart.

The very heart. Of the historic district. There you go. So then we can just shrink that down into two lines. Like you had probably gonna look better. You want of the, on the first line or second line? I think the very heart leads leads you to the, okay, there you go. I think we should put a red heart in there and I think we should put it in the middle of historic district instead of after heart And see how that look.

Put the heart where Right between historic and district. Because we’re the very heart of the historic district. Oh yeah. Yeah. So we put the heart between those two words and it’s gonna look good on the page. Let me see if there’s a, get a deep red heart. Not one of those bright ones. Sure. Blood red. Yeah.

See those are too bright. Hold this one here. No, there’s gotta be more. Right? I can change it. Whatever color I want. Yeah. Okay. If that, if that’s the case, get one that has the glare so we can work with the glare too, you know. Well, it hasn’t a subtle glare too. The drop ship. This is gonna look good. Oh, oh my.

All right. Woo. Holy. She’s the Zzz. Zuzu. Oh my God. I love, today is a great day. Oh my God. I’m gonna do a few things to make this usable. Yeah. All right. I’m going to, and here. Wow. Yeah, listen to a smart object so I can, nice. Jao Jao, Jao. It’s gonna be such an attractive factor. Just a touch. You know what I mean?

Shee here. You, when you pull back, it’s gonna look so good. Yeah. Find that right position. Yep. Here you go. Is that too bright? Should you change the color of that heart? I, I, I think it should be darker, but it’s okay. You know? We can even pull down Casa so it doesn’t breathe up against that heart. Let’s do, give that heart room, we’ll pin it to that heart.

And then I love shit like re reminds me of the pandemic days. Yeah, we were popping shit out left, right, and center. I’m definitely gonna bring back the money Night Magic special Uhhuh. And that might be the day that we have another guy here and we work on them. That’d be fun, right? We could at least try it out.

God, that looks good, dude. That looks absolutely fucking. Unbelievable. It’s gonna work out nicely. Oh, dude, God, that, and then what I’m gonna do is, here’s the thing though, right? Each QR code is gonna go to a different link, a different whatever. So somewhere in the, in the Kera code itself will be like a little like number?

Yeah. Or a symbol or a pair of initials or some kind of designator to which one? It’s a good it good idea. Yeah. So you know you’re about the right one. The right person. Yeah. I mean they’re, that’s our secret cahoot. Yeah. Look at that dude. That is unbelievable. Before and after. Are you kidding? Crushed it.

Geez. Oh God, that looks great. These people are gonna wanna see it. Whoever’s there’s the video there. Is it on? I hope it’s recording. Oh yeah. Let me see. Yeah, I’m gonna get you, I’m gonna pull it around. Yeah. Take it off the sticks here. Just give it a full view. I don don’t want to Okay. There. Yeah, we did it.

You can do it before and after possibly. Uh, actually, yeah, I think I can. Let’s see. Let me just fix one little thing with, you’ll see a lot of changes when you see the before and a see where the heart is. Looks all right. Am I in your, yeah. All right. So I’m basical gonna go to the history. Make a snapshot.

Yeah. Uh, which one is, can you just pull back before you, nevermind. I didn’t wanna do that. There you go. Look at that. See how we put, we put this together up here. Gave the, the hat some room. We could give it a little bit more room. Maybe. Maybe we could make the, I don’t know. I think it looks fine. Yeah, it’s, if it was larger, we could give it some more room.

Yeah. But I like it just the way it, uh, okay. Here’s the four. Uh, not yet, actually, I. Push the wrong button. Okay. Standby. This all can be edited. Yeah. Uh, this is for our St. Augustine location, and then we’re gonna use the same system. These are given to different affiliates throughout town, hotels, and each one of them has their own QR code.

So they instantly get, um, their commission Yeah. Deposited into their account, and then they get a ding. You got money. We go back to our initial, uh, snapshot state now. This is how it was before. Yeah, this is before we have a lot of texts down here. Uh, this was originally up and top centered, huge QR code. I wanna make sure people could, could really scan it and, um, yeah, more balanced, looks better.

Here’s before, here’s after.