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Author : Carol Gann


Private: Volume One – Show Essentials

Learn a complete magic show of incredible routines, packed with effects.

Learn magic in a way that will change the way you perform your magic.

Develop the relaxed handling skills of sleight of hand with our signature method of instruction.

Become a better magician with every single lesson and enjoy an exciting journey of building a magic show.

Take your magic to the next level and become an amazing performer.


This course is a complete magic show that was performed in Walt Disney World and Universal Studios theme park resorts in Orlando, Florida.

Now you can learn this incredible magic show and have everyone’s attention riveted to every effect.

A full magic show with a variety of effects and routines that will build your skills as a magical performer.

People will request you to perform at their next big event, private party or special occasion.

This Course includes live sessions with your “Magic Show Coach” that will provide you with the full live online training sessions that will prepare you to be your very best.

Theatre Magic has trained 1000’s of students with this exact course and many students have gone on to build a professional magic career performing magic.

Whether it is full time, part time or just a hobby this is an awesome opportunity to develop the skills taught in this course.

A part time magician can make very good money for a 30 minute show. Let’s get started

Below are the complete classes in a kit. Together they make up The Show Essentials.

Welcome to the Theatre Magic course in magic.

Sponge Balls
Svengali Deck Box
Magician's Assistant
Wonder Bubbles

The Levitator $33

Svengali $22

Sponge Balls $22

Magician’s Assistant $22

Wonder Dust $22

Wonder Bubbles $22

Rope Magic $33

Live Weekly Training $497

Volume One Training Course Video Suite $397

2 One on One Sessions $100

5 VIP Exclusive Events $100

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Private: Volume One – Show Essentials

Original price was: $1,251.00.Current price is: $97.00.

Author : Carol Gann

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